§ 15.179  GENERAL.
   (a)   The following fees are established as required by the Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Codes and shall be collected by the Director of the Department of Community Development before the issuance by him or her of any license, permits, certificates and reports for which fees are required under the provisions of this Article IX. The Director of the Department of Community Development shall not issue any such license, permit, certificate or report until such fee shall have been paid to said Department Director.
   (b)   All fees collected hereunder shall be paid over to the City Treasurer by the Director of Community Development daily or as soon after collection as practicable.
(1958 Code, § 60.01A)  (Added by Ord. 133, passed 4-17-1958; Ord. 190, passed 9-16-1952; Ord. 195, passed 11-25-1952; Ord. 97, passed 12-17-1956; Ord. 107, passed 5-20-1957; Ord. 109, passed 5-20-1957)