No part of the contents of any privy, privy box or septic tank shall be transported within or through the city unless it is removed and transported by means of an air-tight apparatus, pneumatic or otherwise, so as to prevent the contents from being agitated or exposed to open air in the process of removal or transportation. Any tank, vehicle or other apparatus used in transporting the contents must be maintained and operated in such a manner as to avoid the emission of offensive fumes or the spilling or loss of any unsanitary or offensive substance. The name of the licensee or registered trade name shall be in a conspicuous place on the vehicle.
(1958 Code, § 59.02) (Added by Ord. 123, passed 3-2-1948; Ord. 179, passed 5-13-1952; repealed and new Division added by Ord. 135, passed 4- -1958; Ord. 68-28, passed 4-15-1968; Ord. 71-23, passed 4-12-1971; Ord. 79-2, passed 1-22-1979; amended by Ord. 2009-2, passed 2-2-2009; Ord. 2014-14, passed 10-13-2014)