(a)   The provisions of M.S. Chapter 103I, as it may be amended from time to time, together with any amendments hereafter made thereto, and Minnesota Rules Chapter 4725, are hereby adopted and incorporated by reference as part of the city code. Any provisions of the city code which are inconsistent with or less restrictive than such statutes and regulations shall be inapplicable.
   (b)   All wells in the city shall be constructed, reconstructed, operated, repaired, maintained and sealed in accordance with such incorporated state laws and regulations and any applicable city ordinances.
   (c)   For the purposes of this Division D, the following terms shall have the described meanings.
      EMERGENCY CONDITIONS. Exceptional circumstances where a delay in starting the construction, or sealing of a well poses an immediate and significant danger to health or safety and there is no time for prior notification or to obtain the required permit. Exceptional circumstances include, but are not limited to, cases where well failure should leave livestock or persons without drinking water, where inaction presents an imminent threat of contamination of the well, boring or groundwater, where delay would result in the endangerment of health or safety (such as in an unstable excavation) or where such work is court ordered.
      RECONSTRUCT or RECONSTRUCTION. of an existing well that involve either the modification, removal or insertion of a well casing or screen, or the modification of the diameter or depth of the well below the upper termination of the well casing.
      REPAIR. Includes all maintenance, modification, repair and of an existing well.
      WATER SUPPLY WELL. Means a well that is not a dewatering well or an environmental well and includes wells used:
         (a)   For potable water supply (except for community water supply wells and noncommunity public water supply wells serving facilities which are licensed by the state);
         (b)   For irrigation;
         (c)   For agricultural, commercial or industrial water supply;
         (d)   For heating or cooling; and
         (e)   For testing water yield for irrigation, commercial or industrial uses, or residential supply.
      WELL, DEWATERING WELL,ENVIRONMENTAL WELL and TEMPORARY BORING. Shall have the meanings given in M.S. Chapter 103I, as it may be amended from time to time.
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