(a)   No person shall begin construction of a or shall substantially alter or reconstruct any without first having submitted plans and specifications to the for review and approval. All plans and specifications shall be submitted in duplicate and the shall arrange for the review and approval of the plans and specifications by other appropriate departments concerned with such matters as zoning, electrical, structural, and plumbing requirements. No permit to construct, alter or renovate shall be issued by the until approval is granted by the other departments involved.
   (b)   The application for permit to construct or remodel a shall be on such forms as may be prescribed by the , together with any supporting data as may be required for the proper review of the plans.
   (c)   The and facilities shall be built in accordance with the plans as approved unless approval of changes has been given in writing by the . The owner or his or her agent shall notify the at specific predetermined stages of construction and at the time of completion of the to permit adequate inspection of the and related equipment during and after construction. The shall not be placed in operation until such inspections show compliance with the requirements of this Article VI.
   (d)   The plans shall be drawn to scale and accompanied by proper specifications so as to permit a comprehensive engineering review of the plans including the piping and hydraulic details and shall include:
      (1)   Plan and sectional views with all necessary dimensions of both the and surrounding area;
      (2)   A piping diagram showing all appurtenances including treatment facilities in sufficient detail, as well as pertinent elevation data, to permit a hydraulic analysis of the system; and
      (3)   The specifications shall contain details on all treatment equipment, including catalog identification of pumps, chlorinators and related equipment.
(1958 Code, § 39.03) (Ord. 65-29, passed 5-17-1965; amended by Ord. 2007-9, passed 2-26-2007)