(a)   All outdoor swimming pools existing and hereafter constructed shall be completely enclosed by a fence or wall. All fence openings or points of entry into the area enclosure shall be equipped with gates. The fence and gates shall be at least four feet in height and shall be constructed of a minimum number 11 gauge woven wire mesh corrosion-resistant material or other materials approved by the . All gates shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate or otherwise inaccessible to small children. All fence posts shall be decay or corrosion-resistant and shall be set in concrete bases or other suitable protection. The opening between the bottom of the fence and the ground or other surface shall be not more than four inches.
   (b)   Spas or hot tubs with a safety cover that complies with ASTM F 1346 that are kept closed when not in use are exempt from the fencing requirements in subsection (a) above.
(1958 Code, § 39.02) (Ord. 65-29, passed 5-17-1965; amended by Ord. 2007-9, passed 2-26-2007; Ord. 2008-43, passed 12-1-2008)