The Chief of Police shall, with the approval of the Fire Marshal, determine the extent of protection, if any, that will be required for accessible glass windows at the side or rear of building. Glass windows shall be deemed accessible if less than 18 feet above ground. In making his or her determination he or she shall consider whether the side of the building fronts on a street, the area, location and contents thereof, and whether such openings are protected by intrusion detection devices.
   (1)   The Chief of Police may require side and rear glass windows with a pane exceeding 96 square inches in area, with its smallest dimension exceeding six inches, to be protected in the following manner:
      (A)   Inside or outside iron bars of at least one-half inch round or one inch by one-fourth inch flat steel securely fastened;
      (B)   Inside or outside iron or steel grills of at least one-eighth inch material or two inch mesh securely fastened; or
      (C)   If window barrier is on the outside, it shall be secured with rounded head flush bolt on the outside.
   (2)   If the side or rear window is of the type that can be opened, it shall, where applicable, be secured on the inside with either a glide bar, bolt, crossbar and/or padlock with hardened steel shackle and minimum four pin tumbler operation.
   (3)   Outside hinges on all side and rear glass windows shall be provided with nonremovable pins. Such hinge pins may be either welded, flanged or secured by a screw.
(1958 Code, § 40.10) (Ord. 67-71, passed 12-28-1967; Ord. 2002-1, passed 1-14-2002)