All existing and future buildings in the city used by any person for the purpose of conducting, managing or carrying on any business, with the exception of those hereinafter described, shall, when unattended, be so secured as to prevent unauthorized entry in accordance with specifications for physical security of exterior accessible openings as provided in this Article V. A building shall be considered unattended when not occupied by a watchman, maintenance personnel or other authorized persons during the period that premises are closed to business. Any building used for Group “A” or “B” public assembly occupancy, as defined in Article I of this chapter, as well as those buildings used for Group “F” occupancy of the type requiring exit doors to be equipped with panic hardware locks shall be exempt from the provisions hereof relating to exterior doors. Those buildings used for Group “C,” “D,” “H,” “I” and “J” occupancy shall be exempt from the provisions hereof.
(1958 Code, § 40.01) (Ord. 67-71, passed 12-28-1967; Ord. 2002-1, passed 1-14-2002)