(a)   Where required by the current Minnesota State Building Code, no building or premises may hereafter be used or occupied and no change in the occupancy classification of a building structure, or portion of a building or structure may be made, unless a certificate of occupancy is issued by the issuing authority. The fees to be charged and collected by the Building Department for issuance of certificate of occupancy shall be determined by the valuation of the structure and are set as per the provisions of the fee ordinance.
(1958 Code, § 35.20) (Ord. 71-19, passed 3-15-1971, renumbered to § 35.11; Ord. 72-61, passed 11-20-1972, renumbered to § 35.03; Ord. 87-19, passed 3-16-1987; Ord. 98-55, passed 11-16-1998; Ord. 2012-2, passed 1-23-2012)