(a)   Expansion or alteration. No work may be commenced to expand or the licensed premises prior to the approval of a review application for the expansion or significant alteration.
   (b)   Conspicuous display. The license must be conspicuously displayed in the office of the , or , produced on the request of a resident or prospective resident, and must be available at reasonable times for inspection by the and the .
   (c)   Nontransferable. The license is not transferable as to place or . No transfer of a license may be permitted without complying with the requirements of the license application except in the case in which an existing non-corporate licensee is incorporating and the incorporation does not affect the ownership, control and interest of the existing licensed , or . Every holding a license must give notice in writing to the within three days after having legally transferred or otherwise disposed of the legal control of any licensed , or . Such notice must include the name and address of the succeeding to the ownership or control of the licensed premises. The new owner must immediately apply for an appropriate license under this Division E.
   (d)   Licensed premises. A license issued under this Division E is effective only for the real property and number of or beds specified in the approved license application.
   (e)   Maintenance of order. The licensee shall be responsible for maintaining order on the licensed premises and managing the property in compliance with this Division E and all applicable laws, rules and regulations.
   (f)   Effect of license non-renewal, suspension or revocation. During the effective period of license suspension or non-renewal, the property owner is prohibited from entering into any new rental agreements for or buildings on the property. Upon license revocation, the property owner must commence the process of park closure pursuant to state law and this city code and is prohibited from entering into any new rental agreements for or buildings on the property.
(Ord. 2010-13, passed 5-17-2010)