(a)   Each evaluator shall comply with the following:
      (1)   Maintain a current license from the city;
      (2)   Conduct an inspection of the property being offered for and conduct all evaluations within the program’s guidelines;
      (3)   Meet required continuing education requirements established by the ;
      (4)   Provide a certificate of insurance showing proof of the following insurance coverage:
         (A)   General liability insurance of not less than $250,000 per claim and $500,000 per year aggregate; and
         (B)   Professional errors and omissions insurance of not less than $250,000 per claim and $500,000 per year aggregate.
         Such insurance may include a deductible not exceeding $5,000. The insurance shall list the city as an additional insured and shall cover any and all liability resulting from the performance of the duties as a licensed housing evaluator.
      (5)   Keep the city apprised of his or her current mailing address and telephone number; and
      (6)   Agree to a code of ethics in performance of evaluation duties.
   (b)   Each evaluator shall comply with the following procedure for preparing and filing reports.
      (1)   The shall be either typewritten or legibly printed in ink on forms furnished by the city. The report shall indicate whether the condition meets city housing standards, is below city housing standards or is deemed to be hazardous at the time and date of the evaluation.
      (2)   The evaluator shall submit the original to the seller with a duplicate thereof filed with the within seven calendar days after the evaluation has been made. An evaluator who fails to file a timely report in accordance with this subpart shall be required to pay a penalty of $20 at the time of, and in addition to, the payment of the filing fee for the report. This penalty fee will apply to each subsequent that is submitted after the seven-day period allowed.
      (3)   A filing fee, as determined in § 14.03 of this code, shall be required with each filed with the .
(Recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; amended by Ord. 2002-19, passed 6-3-2002)