This Article V is enacted to establish standards for the regulation of food establishments, lodging establishments and public pools in the city to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public pursuant to the powers granted under M.S. Chapters 145A and 28A, as they may be amended from time to time. The principal objectives of this Article V of the city code are to prevent illness, to correct and prevent conditions that may adversely affect persons utilizing licensed establishments, to provide consistent standards for design, construction, operation and maintenance of licensed establishments, and to meet the consumer expectations of health and safety of licensed establishments.
   For the purpose of prescribing regulations governing food establishments, lodging establishments and public pools, the city hereby adopts the following rules and statutes as may be amended or recodified from time to time:
   (a)   M.S. Chapters 157 except for 157.16, 327, 28A, 31, and 34A;
   (b)   Minnesota Rules Chapter 4625, except for part 4625.2300;
   (c)   Minnesota Rules Chapter 4626, except for part 4626.0033, subparts G through O, 4626.1715, subpart B, part 4626.1720, subparts B and F, and parts 4626.1760 through 4626.1770;
   (d)   Minnesota Rules parts 4717.0150 through 4717.3975 and M.S. Chapter 144.1222;
   (e)   Minnesota Rules part 4717.7000, subpart 1(D);
   (f)   M.S. Chapters 17.04, 29.21, 29.23, 29.235, 29.236, 29.237, 29.24, 29.25, 29.26, 29.27, and 30.49; and
   (g)   Minnesota Rules Chapters 1520, 1545, 1550, and 1556.
(Added by Ord. 87, passed 8-20-1956; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; deleted and added by Ord. 2001-49, passed 11-19-2001; deleted and added by Ord. 2007-9, passed 2-26-2007; amended by Ord. 2010-13, passed 5-17-2010; Ord. 2014-9, passed 5-5-2014; Ord. 2017-25, passed 7-24-2017; Ord. 2019-14, passed 2-4-2019)