All applicants shall be referred to the for verification and investigation of the facts set forth in the application. The is empowered to conduct any and all investigations to verify the information on the application, including ordering a computerized criminal history inquiry and/or a driver’s license history inquiry on the applicant. The shall make a written report and recommendation to the City Council as to issuance or nonissuance of the initial license application. The City Council may order and conduct such additional investigation as it deems necessary. The shall make the determination as to whether or not the applicant qualifies for a certificate of registration in lieu of licensing. Where it is determined that the applicant does not quality for registration in lieu of licensing, upon the applicant’s payment of the difference between the registration fee and the appropriate license fee, as well as the investigation fee, the application will be processed as a license application.
(Added by Ord. 93-23, passed 4-26-1993; recodified by Ord. 95-13, passed 8-7-1995; added by Ord. 97-18, passed 5-5-1997; amended by Ord. 98-7, passed 3-2-1998; Ord. 2007-18, passed 5-7-2007)