§ 34.25  DUTIES.
   (A)   If the Mayor and City Council have provided for the appointment of a Police Chief, the Police Department shall consist of the Chief of Police and such further number of regular police officers as may be duly ordered by resolution of the Council.
   (B)   The Chief of Police shall, subject to the direction of the Mayor, have control and management of all matters relating to the Police Department and its officers and members and shall have the custody and control of all property and books belonging to the Department. The Chief shall devote his or her whole time to the city affairs and interests of the city and to the preservation of peace, order, safety and cleanliness thereof.
   (C)   The Department shall execute and enforce all laws and also the orders of the Mayor. It shall be the duty of the Department to protect the rights of persons and property. The Department shall take notice of all nuisances, impediments, obstructions, and defects in the streets, avenues, alleys, business places and residences of the city. The Department shall execute, or cause to be executed, the processes issued and shall cause all persons arrested to be brought before the proper court for trial as speedily as possible. The Chief of Police and all regular and special police officers shall become thoroughly conversant with the laws of the city and shall see that the same are strictly enforced and shall make sworn complaints against any person or persons for violation of the same. It shall be the duty of every city police officer making a lawful arrest to search all persons in the presence of some other person, whenever possible, and to carefully keep and produce to the proper judicial official upon the trial everything found upon the person of such prisoners. All personal effects so taken from prisoners shall be restored to them upon their release. The Police Chief and other police officers shall file such reports as may be required by the city ordinances and the laws of the state. No law enforcement official shall have any interest in any establishment having a liquor license.
   (D)   Suitable badges shall be furnished to the city police by the city. Any police officer who loses or destroys the same shall be required to pay the replacement costs. If a police officer leaves the city police force, he or she shall immediately deliver his or her badge to the Police Chief.
   (E)   City police officers shall have full power and authority to call on any person whenever necessary to assist them in performing public duties, and failure, neglect or refusal to render such assistance shall be deemed an offense.
(Prior Code, § 3-401)  Penalty, see § 10.99
   Refusing to aid a police officer, see § 131.037