All ordinances of a temporary or special nature and all other ordinances pertaining to subjects not embraced in this code, including ordinances specified in this section, shall remain in full force and effect unless repealed expressly or by necessary implication:
   (A)   Vacating or setting the boundaries of streets, alleys or other public places;
   (B)   Annexing or detaching territory;
   (C)   Granting or accepting easements, plats or dedication of land to public use;
   (D)   Providing for the acquisition or conveyance of real or personal property;
   (E)   Authorizing or directing public improvements to be made;
   (F)   Levying taxes or special assessments;
   (G)   Appropriating money;
   (H)   Granting franchises or special licenses; or
   (I)   Providing for the issuance of bonds or other instruments of indebtedness.