(A)   The officers and employees of the city shall receive such compensation as the Mayor and Council shall fix by ordinance.
(Neb. RS 17-108)
   (B)   The city may enact ordinances or bylaws to regulate and prescribe the compensation of officers not provided for in state law.
(Neb. RS 17-604)
   (C)   No officer shall receive any pay or perquisites from the city other than his or her salary. The City Council shall not pay or appropriate any money or other valuable thing to any person not an officer for the performance of any act, service or duty, the doing or performance of which shall come within the proper scope of the duties of any officer of the city.
(Neb. RS 17-611)
   (D)   The salary of any elective officer shall not be increased or diminished during the term for which he or she shall have been elected, except when there has been a combination and merger of offices as provided herein; except that, when there are officers elected to the Council, or any other board or commission having more than one member and the terms of one or more members commence and end at different times, the compensation of all members of such council, board or commission may be increased or diminished at the beginning of the full term of any member thereof. No person who shall have resigned or vacated any office shall be eligible to the same during the time for which he or she was elected if during the same time the emoluments thereof were increased.
(Neb. RS 17-612)  (Prior Code, § 1-901)