(A)   (1)   Upon receiving the notice to repair or demolish the building, the owner of the building, within the time stipulated, may in writing to the City Clerk request a hearing before the City Council, sitting as the Board of Appeals, to present reasons why the building should not be repaired or demolished.
      (2)   The City Council shall grant such a hearing within ten days from the date of receiving the request.
      (3)   A written notice of the City Council’s decision following the hearing shall be sent to the property owner by certified mail.
   (B)   (1)   If the City Council rejects the appeal, the owner shall have 60 days from the sending of the decision to begin repair or demolition and removal.
      (2)   If, after the 60-day period, the owner has not begun work, the City Council shall proceed to cause the work to be done; except that, the property owner may appeal the decision to the appropriate court for adjudication, during which proceedings the decision of the City Council shall be stayed.
   (C)   Any city police officer or member of the City Council shall at once inform the County Treasurer of the removal or demolition of or a levy of attachment upon any item of real property known to him or her.
(Neb. RS 77-1725.01)