§ 150.15  REGULATIONS.
   (A)   It shall be unlawful to allow buildings or houses to remain in an unsafe, demolished or damaged condition for a period of over 60 days.
   (B)   No building over 180 square feet shall be moved over or across any street or public way of the city, until a permit therefor has been issued by the Zoning Administrator upon the written application presented to the City Clerk, showing the kind and size of the building and its proposed location, and that all city taxes and special assessments then due against the building and lot on which it stands have been paid. Said application shall be accompanied by a bond in the sum of $2,000 of some responsible surety company, or one that the applicant has obtained from two sureties who are resident freeholders of the county. The said bond shall be conditioned among other things, that said licensee will in all things strictly comply with all provisions of the ordinances of the city, relating to house moving; that said licensee will save, indemnify and keep harmless the city from liability, judgments, costs and expenses which may in any way accrue against it in consequence of granting said permit. Also, the licensee will pay to the city any and all damages which may be sustained to any pavement, curb, gutters, sidewalks, streets, crosswalks or any other city property because of the moving of any building; and that the licensee will also pay to the owner of any property damaged in the move any and all damages caused in like manner to any private property in said city. The Zoning Administrator, in said permit, shall limit the time of removal and shall specify the route to be followed in moving the building over and across the streets and ways of the city and it shall be unlawful for any such licensee to digress from such specified route without the written consent of the Zoning Administrator. In prescribing the route to be followed, the Zoning Administrator shall prescribe such route as will least interfere with the wires of the light system and other public service companies. The permit shall be in duplicate and a copy at once delivered to the Utility Superintendent. Notice shall be given to the Zoning Administrator of the hour when such moving shall actually begin.
   (C)   It is hereby made the duty of the Utility Superintendent upon the request of a person who has obtained a permit as in division (B) above specified, to so supervise the passage of any building being lawfully moved over and across the streets and ways of the city. The said Superintendent shall, at the time when such work and moving is completed, make out a statement of account in duplicate against said licensee of the amount of actual cost, expense or damage incurred by the city by reason of the moving of such building. One copy of said statement of account shall be given to each licensee and one copy retained by the Utility Superintendent. In case of injury or damage to any city property, the Utility Superintendent shall make an estimate in duplicate of the amount of such injury and damage. One copy of this estimate he or she shall deliver to the said licensee causing such damage and one copy he or she shall retain. It is hereby made the duty of the licensee to pay the amount of said accounts to the City Clerk within five days after the date of demand for payment thereof and in case of his or her failure to do so the city shall proceed to collect the same by suit on the bond of the licensee or otherwise. All expenses and damages collected by the City Clerk under the provisions of this section shall be placed in the fund of the Department whose property is damaged or who has furnished the service.
   (D)   Before moving any building, the licensee shall notify the public service corporations whose wires or other property may obstruct the moving of such building, of the time and place where such building will be moved at least 24 hours in advance of moving the same, and request such agency to arrange for the passage of such building and arrange for the probable costs and expense of the work required to be done. The expense of the work required to be done shall be borne by the licensee as provided in division (C) above.
(Prior Code, § 9-104)  (Ord. 2000-25, passed 1-8-2001)  Penalty, see § 150.99
Statutory reference:
   Authority to regulate moving of buildings, see Neb. RS 17-142