Any person, firm or corporation desiring to store or keep in the municipality for any period of time any form of poisonous or flammable gas or liquefied petroleum gas or add to, enlarge or replace any facility used for the storage of such gases, must first get permission from the governing body. The governing body shall require the name of the gas, the place of storage and the amount of gas stored.  If permission is granted, the governing body shall prescribe such rules, regulations and precautionary actions as they may deem necessary. Permit requirements for the initial construction or location of storage facilities shall not apply to those facilities in existence on the effective date of this section; provided, any such present use that is discontinued for a period of 60 days shall not be revived without a permit. The provisions of this section shall be controlling throughout the municipality and throughout its zoning jurisdiction.
(Neb. RS 17-549)  (Prior Code, § 7-301)  Penalty, see § 92.99