It shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep or harbor any dog which by loud, continued or frequent barking, howling or yelping shall annoy or disturb any neighborhood, or person, or which habitually barks at or chases pedestrians, drivers, bicycles or vehicles while they are on any public sidewalks, streets or alleys in the municipality. Upon the written complaint of one or more affected persons, filed with the Municipal Clerk, that any dog owned by the person named in the complaint is an annoyance or disturbance, or otherwise violates the provisions of this section, municipal police officers shall investigate the complaint and if, in their opinion, the situation warrants, shall notify the owner to silence and restrain such dog. If a police officer or city personnel hear or see a dog which by its actions is in violation of this section, the police officer shall notify the owner to silence and restrain the dog. If such violations occur, a police officer may issue a citation.
(Ord. 18-1, passed 6-4-2018)  Penalty, see § 90.99