A.   Scope: The city may furnish water service from its water system to persons outside the city in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. (1978 Code § 14-151, as amended)
   B.   Petition For Service: Any person located outside the city limits who desires to be supplied with water services from the city water system and is willing to pay in advance the whole expense of extending the water system to his property, including the cost of extending any water main beyond its present location, may make application to the city council by petition containing:
      1.   A description of the proposed extension.
      2.   A map showing the location thereof.
      3.   An offer to pay the whole expense incurred by the city in providing such extension and to advance such expense as shall be verified by the city. The city council and the person seeking such extension may enter into an agreement providing in detail the terms under which the extension may be utilized by others in the future and the terms under which all or any portion of the cost of installing such extension may be refunded.
      4.   An acknowledgment that the city in granting the petition need supply only such water to the petitioner which from time to time the city council deems beyond the requirements of water users within the city limits, and that such extension shall be the property of and subject to the control of the city. (1978 Code §14-152, as amended; amd. 2007 Code)
   C.   Costs Determined: Upon receipt of such petition and map and before the petition is granted, the city council shall determine what portion, if any, of the extension of the city water mains to the city limits the city shall construct, and shall obtain from the city staff a verified statement showing the whole cost and expense of making such extension. Such costs and expenses shall include administrative and supervisory expenditures of the water department, which shall in no event be deemed to be less than ten percent (10%) of the cost of materials and labor. (1978 Code § 14-154, as amended; amd. 2007 Code)
   D.   Extensions May Be Master Metered: When an extension supplying more than one house or user outside the city limits is connected to city water mains, the city may require a master meter to be installed near the point where the connection is to be made to the city main. This installation will be at the expense of the persons served by such extension according to the regular rates for meter installation. Responsible parties must agree to pay all bills for water served through the meter at the applicable water rates. (1978 Code § 14-153, as amended; amd. 2007 Code)