A.   Petition To City Council: Any person, including any subdivider, who desires to have the water mains extended within the city, and is willing to advance the whole expense of such extension and receive the return of an agreed portion thereof, as hereinafter provided, may make application to the city council by petition. The petition shall contain a description of such proposed extension accompanied by a map showing the location of the proposed extension together with an offer to advance the whole expense thereof, which cost shall be verified by the proper city official. The city council may grant or deny the petition as in its discretion deems best for the welfare of existing water users in the city. (1978 Code § 14-143, as amended; amd. 2007 Code)
   B.   Ownership Of Extension: Any such extension shall be deemed the property of the city. (1978 Code § 14-147, as amended)
   C.   Required Extension Of Water Main Line By Person, Subdivider Or Developer: Any person, subdivider or developer who desires to secure a new connection to the municipal water system at a location where access to a water main is not currently available along the full length of the parcel being proposed for development shall be required to extend the water main service lines to the far end of the lot or development or to some mid lot point, if no future connective benefit exists as solely determined by the city with city council approval, at their expense and in accordance with city specifications. (Ord. 2007-2, 4-24-2007)