2-1-2: WINE:
   A. License Fee: Each licensee within Blaine County shall pay an annual license fee to Blaine County prior to the issuance of a wine-by-the-drink license. (1996 Code; Res., 6-11-73)
   B. Sunday Only License:
      1. License Established: A new and additional type of wine-by-the-drink license is hereby established for Blaine County which license shall permit the holder to sell wine-by-the-drink on Sundays only.
      2. Inscription on License: The words "SUNDAY ONLY" shall be clearly inscribed on the face of the license.
      3. Annual Renewal; Fee: Said license shall be renewable annually and shall carry an annual fee. (1996 Code; Ord. 75-8, 12-8-75)