2-1-1: BEER:
   A. Application For License: All persons desiring to obtain a County beer license from the County shall make application therefor to the Clerk of the Board of Commissioners on a form supplied by the Clerk along with the required fee.
   B. Action By Board: The Board of Commissioners shall take action on all applications submitted pursuant to this Section within a reasonable time. The Clerk shall provide notice to the applicant of the time, date and place at which his or her application will be considered by the Board.
   C. Hearing: At the time and date set for consideration of the application submitted pursuant to this Section, the Board of Commissioners shall provide an opportunity for all interested persons to make comment upon such application. In addition, written comments submitted to the Board upon any application shall be read by the Clerk into the record at such time. Following any hearing held upon an application submitted pursuant to this Section, the Board of Commissioners may request such further information from the applicant as shall, in their opinion, clarify any point of concern upon such application and shall thereafter make a decision as to whether or not the application will be approved and a license issued. In any event, the final decision upon any application submitted hereunder shall be made within thirty (30) days of the date on which a complete application and license fee is submitted to the Clerk of the Board.
   D. Transcript Of Proceedings: If it appears to the Clerk of the Board of Commissioners that written or oral comment upon any application is to be made by the applicant or other interested parties, arrangement shall be made for suitable recording equipment to be utilized so that a verbatim transcript of the proceedings may be prepared.
   E. Denial Of Application: Whenever the Board of Commissioners denies an application, the Board shall specify in writing:
      1. The statutes, ordinances and standards used in evaluating the application.
      2. The reasons for the denial.
      3. The actions, if any, which the applicant could take to obtain the license, transfer or renewal thereof. (Ord. 83-3, 11-28-83)