The job of the county administrator shall include, but not be limited to, the following specific duties, powers and responsibilities, in addition to others provided in this chapter, job description or other directives of the board.
   A. Under the direction and authority of the board of commissioners, the administrator shall coordinate or supervise (whichever is appropriate) the functions of the various county departments and serve as a liaison to see that the requirements of state law, county ordinances and the policies of the board are carried out. The administrator shall regularly report to the board concerning the status of all assignments, duties, projects and functions of the various county departments under the administrator's supervision.
   B. Subject to the approval of the board of commissioners, the administrator's duties as personnel officer shall include, but not be limited to, the following: the hiring of and the discharge of county employees, except employees of an elected official. The administrator may delegate the same limited power to initiate selection or removal of employees to those department heads who are exclusively subject to the authority of the board.
   C. The administrator shall assist the county clerk, with preparation and submission of the annual budget to the board and assist in monitoring budget performance with both appointed and elected department heads for the purpose of keeping all county activities within limitations of the annual budget of the county.
   D. The administrator shall assist in purchasing by the various county offices, departments, commissions and boards.
   E. The administrator shall act as contract administrator of such county contracts as may be assigned by the board.
   F. The administrator shall assist the board in conducting the county's business and assume such other responsibilities as the board may direct or as may be required by ordinance or resolution.
   G. The administrator shall meet with the board as often as is necessary to keep them informed of the status of departmental operations and projects.
   H. The administrator shall represent Blaine County at meetings with other governmental units, agencies, commissions and associations as directed.
   I. The administrator shall be informed about federal, state and private grants and shall alert county officials of federal, state and private grant opportunities.
   J. The administrator shall work with the prosecutor's office to help assure that all activities, policies and directives of the board are kept in compliance with state law requirements. (Ord. 2007-01, 3-13-2007)