8-3-2: POLICY:
   A. A local public interest exists in the conservation and protection of all surface and ground water resources in Blaine County.
   B. In assessing the effects of a proposed water use on public water resources in the County, the local public interest shall be served by:
      1. Preventing injury to existing uses of water;
      2. Promoting the efficient use of water;
      3. Eliminating or avoiding wasteful uses of water;
      4. Measuring the use of water;
      5. Enforcing Federal, State, and local laws, as well as approved permit terms and conditions in Federal, State, and local permits affecting valid water rights;
      6. Promoting the sustainable use of aquifers and preventing their long-term net depletion;
      7. Promoting and protecting minimum stream flow water rights, in- stream flows, a functional stream system, and a healthy fishery and riverine ecosystem;
      8. Maintaining and protecting historical local standards of high water quality;
      9. Monitoring water quality and the enforcement of water quality standards by appropriate local, State and Federal agencies; and
      10. Supporting ongoing studies assessing the overall state and condition of water resources, in terms both of quantity and quality.
   C. Individual, immediate impacts, as well as broader, cumulative impacts on existing uses of water shall be considered when evaluating whether a proposed use or application conflicts with the local public interest. (Ord. 2018-06, 11-13-2018)