A.   Applicability: These regulations shall apply to the subdivision, resubdivision, platting or replatting of all land within the unincorporated territory of Blaine County except those zones designated by adopted ordinance to be zones of city impact and under separate jurisdiction pursuant to Idaho Code section 67-6526, and shall include the following:
      1.   The subdivision of land into two (2) or more tracts, lots or parcels for sale, transfer of ownership or building development.
      2.   The establishment of "condominium" or planned unit developments as defined herein.
      3.   The dedication of any street or alley through or along any tract of land.
      4.   The creation of or geographical addition to a cemetery.
      5.   The resubdivision or replatting of an already platted lot.
      6.   The modification of original parcels.
      7.   The recognition and modification of original leasehold parcels.
   B.   Exceptions: Unless the intent of the subdivider is to circumvent the purposes of this title, these regulations shall not apply to any of the following:
      1.   Widening of existing streets to conform to the comprehensive plan.
      2.   The acquisition of collector and arterial street rights of way by public agency in conformance with the comprehensive plan.
      3.   The unwilling sale of land as a result of legal condemnation as defined and allowed in the Idaho Code.
      4.   Land sold in tracts of forty (40) acres or more for agricultural purposes only with no residential development allowed.
      5.   Land that is released to a buyer from a larger parcel being bought on contract by the same buyer.
      6.   A single (not more than 1), new unplatted, four (4) acre or larger lot or parcel (not including any patented mining claim) created from an original parcel of land and conveyed by a deed recorded between April 14, 1977, and June 26, 1981. The administrator shall determine the base density from the size of the original parcel of land, not the size of the new or remainder parcel permitted by this exception.
      7.   Transfer of real property of any size to an internal revenue code section 501(c)3 organization formed for the purpose of land or water conservation, open space or wildlife protection or to a political subdivision of the state of Idaho or United States Of America with no development allowed that would require a building permit or development permit under title 7 or 9 of this code, until the transferee completed a subdivision or plat, as defined in this chapter. (Ord. 2021-07, 5-11-2021; Ord. 2012-07, 10-9-2012; Ord. 2008-16, 11-25-2008)