A. Motorized Vehicle Defined: For the purposes of this section, "motorized vehicle" shall mean any device in, upon, or by which any person is or may be transported by engine propelled means, including, but not limited to, automobiles, tractors, mopeds, motorcycles, go-carts, electric or gas powered scooters, and snow machines. The term "motorized vehicle" does not include devices propelled exclusively by human power.
   B. Designated Right-Of-Way Easement Defined: For purposes of this section, "designated right-of-way easement" shall mean those spaces designated for use as a recreational pathway within Blaine County and any adjacent right-of-way.
   C. Operation Of Motorized Vehicles Upon Designated Right-Of-Way Easement Prohibited: The operation of motorized vehicles upon any designated right-of-way easement is prohibited and shall be an infraction.
   D. Exceptions: The prohibition against motorized vehicles shall not include motorized wheelchairs used to transport disabled persons, and construction and maintenance equipment authorized by the Blaine County Recreation District. (Ord. 2019-01, 1-8-2019)