A. Conditions For Closure Or Limited Use: The Board of County Commissioners, any public official authorized by law, or any employee designated by the Board, may post a notice temporarily closing or reasonably limiting travel on any public road, street, way, or designated right-of-way easement within the jurisdiction of the County upon and for the duration of any of the following conditions or circumstances:
      1. Periods of danger to persons or property due to avalanches, flooding, fires, mud slides, ice and similar natural occurrences or disasters.
      2. Public safety or public health incidents such as hazardous materials spill, major vehicle accident, oversize load, etc.
      3. Periods when travel by vehicles will cause damage to the surface of the road.
      4. Parades and other public events.
      5. Road construction, maintenance and repairs.
      6. Periods when use of the road would adversely affect wildlife in critical conditions.
   B. Closure Review: The Board shall periodically review closures made under this section and shall re-open the affected areas when the reasons for the closure no longer apply.
   C. Violating Posted Closure Notice: Any person violating the terms of a posted closure notice under this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 2019-01, 1-8-2019)