A.   Eligibility: The minimum contiguous land lot area within a designated TDR receiving area to be considered eligible for the purposes of this section shall be ten (10) acres.
   B.   Maximum Density: If a parcel is located within a designated A-20 TDR receiving area, the maximum base density may be increased from one dwelling unit per twenty (20) acres to one dwelling unit per two and one-half (2.5) acres as set forth below through the voluntary purchase or transfer of development rights from a parcel in a designated TDR sending area.
   C.   Base Density Increase Calculation: For each development right purchased or transferred, the density in an A-20 receiving area may be increased according to the following schedule:
Number Of Development Rights
Maximum Density On 20 Acre Parcel
2 units on 20 acres
3 units on 20 acres
4 units on 20 acres
8 units on 20 acres
Every development right thereafter
An additional unit for each additional 2.5 acres
   D.   Minimum Lot Area: One acre.
   E.   Minimum Open Space Within A TDR Receiving Area Cluster: At least fifty percent (50%) of the receiving parcel shall be set aside as public or private open space.
   F.   Minimum Setback From Heavy Industrial District: The minimum setback from the HI District for a building envelope in a receiving parcel shall be one thousand two hundred feet (1,200'). (Ord. 2006-05, 6-29-2006)