A.   Determine Suitability Of Applicant: In order to determine an applicant's suitability for a license relating to the following activities:
      1.   City alcohol licenses and permits,
      2.   Vendors, peddlers and solicitors,
      3.   Itinerant merchants,
      4.   Secondhand stores,
      5.   Pawnbrokers,
      6.   Escort business operators and employees,
      7.   Private security service operators and employees,
      8.   Obscenity activists who are subject to licensing,
      9.   Taxicabs,
the city shall require the applicant to, and the applicant shall, furnish to the police department a full set of fingerprints. The police department shall perform, or have the state department of law enforcement (or state police) or the federal bureau of investigation, a criminal background investigation.
   B.   Background Investigation; Consent Required: The police department shall obtain the written consent of the applicant for the criminal background investigation and if the applicant does not execute the consent, the application shall be denied. The police department shall submit the completed fingerprint card to the state department of law enforcement (or state police). Such department is authorized to submit the fingerprints to the FBI for a national criminal history record check.
   C.   Payment Of Costs: The applicant shall pay for the costs of the city for all federal bureau of investigation, state department of law enforcement, or any other investigations requested, or performed, by the city. (2003 Code § 5-01-06; amd. 2012 Code)