3-1-2: CITY FUNDS:
   A.   Daily Deposits: Every officer of the city receiving money in his official capacity for or on behalf of the city shall deposit the same timely and accurately and in accordance internal accounting procedures promulgated by the city treasurer. Every officer so depositing money shall be responsible for assuring that monies are allocated to the correct revenue account and that the documentation accompanying the deposit is accurate. (2003 Code § 1-16-01)
   B.   Purchasing Supplies: No officer or employee of the city shall purchase any supplies for any purpose except upon authorization, nor contract any indebtedness of any nature whatsoever, employ any labor, nor appoint any officers without first obtaining consent or permission from the mayor or the city council, unless otherwise specifically provided, and all contracts made otherwise shall be null and void as against the city, and shall not be allowed or paid by the city council. (2003 Code § 1-16-02)