The purpose of this chapter shall be to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of the city as follows:
   A.   To protect property rights and enhance property values.
   B.   To ensure that adequate public facilities and services are provided to the public at a reasonable cost.
   C.   To ensure that the economy of the state and localities is protected and enhanced.
   D.   To ensure that the important environmental features of the state and localities are protected.
   E.   To encourage the protection of prime agricultural, forestry and mining lands for production of food, fiber and minerals.
   F.   To encourage urban and urban type development within incorporated cities.
   G.   To avoid undue concentration of populations and overcrowding of land.
   H.   To ensure that the development of land is commensurate with the physical characteristics of the land.
   I.   To protect life and property in areas subject to natural hazards and disasters.
   J.   To protect fish, wildlife and recreation resources.
   K.   To avoid undue water and air pollution. (2003 Code § 11-01-01.2)