A.   Authority Of City To Prescribe: The rates, fees or charges for the collection and disposal of waste and refuse by: 1) owners, tenants, lessees or occupants of premises; or 2) licensed or franchised collectors, shall at all times be subject to the right of the city to prescribe and regulate the rates, fees and charges made for services rendered or to be rendered. The city shall bill and collect all fees and charges.
   B.   Failure To Pay: Failure to pay an account within ten (10) days may subject the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant to withdrawal or suspension of service, as well as withdrawal or suspension of water and sewer service, and such civil remedies provided by law.
   C.   Deposit After Termination Of Service: In the event that waste or water service has been suspended or terminated by the city for nonpayment of fees, the city shall, prior to reinstating said service, require an advance deposit equal to three (3) months projected service charge for said account.
   D.   Deposit For Containers: The city shall have the authority to authorize its waste contract hauler, if any, to collect a deposit prior to delivery of temporary box containers.
   E.   Administration Of Funds: The proceeds from the collection of fees and charges herein provided shall be placed in a special fund to be known as the "solid waste collection account", and all expenses of the city in the operation of the sanitary collection system shall be paid out of such fund and any surplus remaining therein at the end of each fiscal year may be transferred by the city council to the general fund. (Ord. 2089, 1-5-2010, eff. 1-5-2010)