The following abbreviations shall have the designated meanings:
AGRS: Automatic grease removal system.
AKART: All known available and reasonable technology.
ASPP: Accidental spill prevention plan.
BMP: Best management practices.
BOD: Biochemical oxygen demand.
CFR: Code of federal regulations.
COD: Chemical oxygen demand.
DDF: Data disclosure form.
EPA: U.S. environmental protection agency.
FOG: Fats, oils and grease.
FSE: Food service establishment.
GPD: Gallons per day.
GRS: Grease removal system.
IWA: Industrial waste acceptance permit.
l: Liter.
LEL: Lower explosive limit.
mg: Milligrams.
mg/l: Milligrams per liter.
NAICS: North American industry classification system.
NPDES: National pollutant discharge elimination system.
O&M: Operation and maintenance.
POTW: Publicly owned treatment works.
RCRA: Resource conservation and recovery act.
SIC: Standard industrial classifications.
SNC: Significant noncompliance.
SWDA: Solid waste disposal act (42 USC 6901 et seq.).
TSS: Total suspended solids.
USC: United States Code.
VOC: Volatile organic compounds. (Ord. 2078, 6-3-2008, eff. 6-3-2008)