9-3-1: Policy And Purpose
9-3-2: Definitions
9-3-3: Application Of Chapter
9-3-4: City Authority
9-3-5: Superintendent Of Sewers
9-3-6: Rules And Regulations
9-3-7: Authority Of City Authorized Representatives
9-3-8: Required Use Of Sewers
9-3-9: Regulations For Use Of Public Sewers
9-3-10: Permission To Discharge Objectionable Water Or Wastes
9-3-11: Building Sewers And Service Connections
9-3-12: Industrial Users
9-3-13: Inspection And Approval Of Connections
9-3-14: Rejection Of Materials Or Workmanship
9-3-15: Sewer Line Extensions
9-3-16: Backfilling
9-3-17: Sewer Equivalency Fee
9-3-18: Cooperative And Reimbursement Agreements
9-3-19: Basis For Sewer Charges
9-3-20: Power Of Mayor And City Council To Set Charges
9-3-21: Sewer Connection Requirements; Fees And Charges
9-3-22: Special Charges; Sewer Inspections; Septic Tank Waste Dumping
9-3-23: Billing And Payment Of Monthly Charges
9-3-24: Delinquencies; City Procedure
9-3-25: Disconnection Of Service For Nonpayment
9-3-26: Sewerage System Fund
9-3-27: Receipt And Disbursement Of Monies
9-3-28: Private Enhanced Sewage Disposal Systems
9-3-29: Maintenance Of Lines
9-3-30: Point Of Liability For Maintenance
9-3-31: Users Liable For Violation
9-3-32: City Not Liable For Damage Or Service Interruption
9-3-33: Injury To Sewerage System Unlawful
9-3-34: Public Works Infrastructure
9-3-35: Penalties