A.   Supervision; Expense: Backflow prevention devices required by this chapter shall be installed under the supervision of and with the approval of the city. Such installations shall be completely at the customer's expense.
   B.   Inspection And Testing:
      1.   Inspecting Firm; Customer's Expense: Backflow prevention devices installed prior to the effective date hereof, shall be inspected and tested by a testing firm of the customer's choice that is qualified and approved by the city to inspect and test said devices. This work shall be at the customer's expense and the results forwarded to the city. Any protection device installed prior to the effective date hereof that is not approved by the city shall be replaced by an approved device, at the customer's expense.
      2.   Replacement Of Faulty Parts: Annual inspection and testing of all installed backflow prevention devices shall be carried out by a qualified and approved testing firm of the customer's choice. Any parts found faulty shall be replaced. All inspection, testing and parts replacement data shall be forwarded to the city. All of this work shall be carried out at the customer's expense.
      3.   Frequency Of Testing: When the city considers it necessary, because of the degree of hazard involved should any cross connection occur, inspection and testing may be more frequent than annually.
      4.   Right Of Entry Allowed: During reasonable hours, all customers shall permit entry of the city to inspect for cross connections.
      5.   Newly Constructed Premises; Compliance Required: No water service shall be supplied to any newly constructed premises until the said premises has successfully passed the city inspection for cross connections and complies with this chapter.
   C.   Verify Need For Cross Connection: Inspection shall be made by the city waterworks department to verify requirement of a cross connection control device. Inspection shall be made by the city waterworks department after the device has been installed and prior to its certification. Request for inspection shall be the responsibility of the customer.
   D.   Final Determination: The water department shall make the final determination regarding cross connections. (2003 Code § 9-03-05)