Where the municipal water system is not available under the provisions of this chapter, or when placed outside of the public right of way or within a planned unit development or commercial or industrial development, a private water system may be installed; provided, that the system complies with all the provisions of this chapter.
   A.   Permit Required; Fee: Before commencement of construction of a private water system, the owner shall first obtain written permit from the city. The application for said permit shall be made on a form furnished by the city, which the applicant shall supplement by plans, specifications and other information as may be deemed necessary by the city engineer. A permit and inspection fee set by resolution shall be paid to the city at the time the application is filed. This fee is refunded when a building permit is filed and paid for.
   B.   Inspection Of System: A permit for a private water system shall not permit the use of the system until the installation is completed to the satisfaction of the city. The city shall be allowed to inspect the work at any stage of construction and, the applicant for the permit shall notify the city when the work is ready for various inspections, and before any underground works are covered. The inspection shall be made by the city engineer or his designee by the end of the next working day after receipt of notice from applicant.
   C.   Compliance With State Regulations: The type, capacities, location and layout of a private water system shall comply with all of the rules and regulations and recommendations of the state department of environmental and community services (health and welfare).
   D.   Mandatory Connection With City Water When Available: The owner or occupant of any house, building or property used for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental or recreational use, or other purpose, situated within the city which is abutting on or having a permanent right of access to any street, alley or right of way in which there is located a city water line is hereby required to cease using any other water system and at his expense to connect such building directly with the city water in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, within fifteen (15) days after the date of official notice from the city to do so; provided, however, that the city water is within three hundred feet (300') of any property line where said building to be served is located. At such time as the municipal water system becomes available to the property served by the private water system, and the owner or tenant connects his property to municipal service as required, it is mandatory that the private water supply is not connected or cross connected in any way to the water lines served by the municipal water system.
   E.   Conduct Of Private System; Health And Safety: The owners shall operate and maintain the private water facility in a manner conducive to public health and safety at all times, and at no expense to the city.
   F.   Provisions Additional To State Regulations: No statement contained in this section shall be construed to interfere with any additional requirements that may be imposed by the state health and welfare. (2003 Code § 9-01-25)