A.   User Charge:
      1.   All owners who receive or have the right to receive the benefit of the municipal water system shall, in return for said benefit, pay monthly user charges as described below. The monthly user charge shall be based on the amount of water used and the amount of fire and health protection provided by the municipal water supply system, plus the cost of reading the meters, preparing and sending utility bills, collecting monthly fees, and administering and overseeing the system by various city employees and contractors. The owners of all property within the corporate limits, which property is within three hundred feet (300') of the municipal water supply system or within six hundred feet (600') of a fire hydrant, shall pay a minimum monthly user charge. The minimum monthly user charge for all uses shall be based on the most recent cost of service study. All other water service connections shall be prorated as to the number of EDUs assigned to that water user by this chapter, or as determined by the public works director, and will be computed on an individual basis. Any user having more than one classification of use shall be charged for the sum of classifications.
      2.   The minimum monthly user charge shall be set by resolution of the city council and be based on an EDU unit. Any owner that has a total EDU rating less than one shall pay a minimum monthly user charge for one full EDU. Any owner which has an EDU rating greater than one shall pay a minimum monthly user charge that is the product of that user's EDU rating multiplied by charge per EDU. Example: A laundry having twelve (12) machines would have an equivalent connection rating of 4.00 + (2 x 0.25) = 4.50 and a subsequent minimum monthly user charge of (4.50) x ($ the charge per EDU).
      3.   Each owner will pay a monthly user fee based on the quantity of water used and the schedule of water use fee in table I, as established by resolution of the city council and on file in the city office. Each owner shall pay, as full compensation for the benefits derived from the municipal water supply system, the minimum monthly user fee or the monthly user fee, whichever is greater. Should an owner request a city water service line to be disconnected, for any reason, there shall be paid to the city a disconnection fee as set by the water superintendent, with approval of the city council. The owner must request the city to place the line back in service. There will be a charge set by the water superintendent with approval of the city council associated with the reactivation of the existing service line. All monthly water rates will be charged against the property for which the city water service line is installed. The owner of record is liable for that amount, which must be paid before the water service is resumed. In the event an owner leaves an unclaimed balance in his account, that amount shall be kept for six (6) months, after which time it shall revert to the general fund of the city. The owner of the property serviced shall pay for the monthly user charge and such owner will be billed for such monthly user charge.
   B.   Charges For Water, Service Line Installations And Other Fees:
      1.   The charges for water shall be as set by resolution.
      2.   In case a water meter fails to register correctly the water used, the owner shall pay for the water on the basis of the average reading of the meter for the previous three (3) months. Water meter installation charges shall be as follows:
         a.   For all meters and service lines installed, the charge shall be set by the public works director. All installed meters shall be property of the city.
         b.   Service applicability fees, as set by resolution by the city council.
   C.   Private Fire Service:
      1.   Available only on monthly flat rate charge when used for fire protection only; owner to install all lines to the city mains at his expense. All connections to be supervised by the city and to conform to city requirements and city codes. Fees shall be set by the city council by resolution.
      2.   All private fire service lines shall be equipped with gate valve or thermal automatic openings and backflow prevention as approved by the water superintendent.
      3.   Private fire service lines shall be used for fire control only. Any other use is unlawful.
   D.   Fire Hydrant Use: Water drawn from any fire hydrant, public or private, except when a private fire hydrant resides behind or downstream of a water meter, shall have a fire hydrant meter installed by the water department for a set up fee, daily availability fee and a consumption fee to be set by resolution. In no case shall any water be drawn from a public or private fire hydrant by a person or company, excluding authorized city personnel, without the permission of the city water superintendent. Failure to obtain permission, permit and/or fire hydrant meter may be cited for theft of city services and public endangerment. It is the responsibility of the person drawing water from any fire hydrant to ensure that all backflow prevention measures, procedures and equipment are in place prior to connecting to said fire hydrant. (2003 Code § 9-01-19; amd. 2012 Code)