A.   Permit Required: No extensions of city or privately owned water mains fed by the city water system shall be made without first obtaining a permit therefor from the city engineer. Each main line extension must conform to the current and applicable public works construction standards adopted by the city.
   B.   Compliance With City Policies; Responsibility For Costs: All proposed extensions of the municipal water system to serve undeveloped areas within the existing corporate limits, newly annexed areas or areas outside the corporate limits shall comply with existing water system extension policies and standards and with the overall master plan for the city municipal water supply system. Costs for all extensions to any property shall be the responsibility of that property owner or his agent. Cost for water service extensions within the property for which the extension is requested shall also be the responsibility of the owner or his agent. When it is necessary to install oversized mains as part of an extension, the cost of all oversized lines will be the responsibility of the owner or his agent. Such water line extensions, public or private, shall be extended to the farthest boundary of the property.
   C.   Fire Hydrants And Service Lines: It shall also be the property owner's or his agent's responsibilities to install all necessary fire hydrants and city water service lines for all extensions of the municipal water system at no expense to the city. Unless a special permit is granted by the city, all municipal water system extensions, including the city water service lines, to newly developing areas shall be installed prior to the construction of any new streets.
   D.   Approval Of Plans: All design and construction of any extensions to the municipal water system shall comply with the official specifications as adopted by the city for the water distribution system. In approving a plan for extension to the municipal water system, the city reserves the right to stipulate other requirements such as a special permit fee, rights of way limits, sequence of construction, time limits for having existing service disrupted, the filing of a performance bond and other similar measures as may be required to protect the public. No work shall commence on any such extension of the municipal water system until the extension project has been approved by the city engineer.
   E.   City Service Line; Permit And Fees: If it is necessary for the city to provide a city water service line after the extension has been accepted by the city, the owner, or his agent, shall be required to pay the hookup and other applicable fees and standard installation charge as well as the standard permit and inspection fee. (2003 Code § 9-01-11)