A.   Owner Responsibility; Costs: All backfilling and surface repair required by a water service installation shall be the owner's responsibility. When the city makes installation of a city water service, all costs of surface repair and backfilling shall be included in the installation charge.
   B.   Work Under Private Contract: When the owner has the water service installation done under private contract, the costs for surface repair shall be the owner's responsibility.
   C.   Cuts Must Be Paved Within One Week: In no case shall a pavement cut go unpaved for more than one week. During cold weather or when hot asphalt is not available, cold mix asphalt may be used as a temporary patch. Such temporary patch must be replaced within two (2) weeks or as soon as weather permits.
   D.   Conformance With Special Specifications; Inspection And Approval: All surface repair and backfilling shall conform to special specifications promulgated by the city for water line installation and shall be subject to inspection by and approval of the city, or where applicable, the county highway district. (2003 Code § 9-01-09)