A.   Application Required: Whenever any owner desires to obtain a supply of water from the city waterworks, he shall make application therefor on forms supplied by the city and sign such form agreeing to be governed by such rules and regulations not inconsistent with this chapter, as may be prescribed by the mayor and city council for the control of the water supply. An application fee, deposit and/or other fees may be required. Such fees shall be set by the city council by resolution.
   B.   Contents Of Application; Grant Of Application: The applicant must state the location, kind of building and the entire area of the ground to be supplied, and fully and truly state the purpose for which the water is to be used, and shall furnish a set of floor plans showing all water uses. Whereupon, if the application is granted, the superintendent of the waterworks may authorize the extension, at the expense of the applicant, and at no expense to the city, the service pipe and meter tile, meter yoke, meter tile lid, curb stop and any other fittings that are necessary to install service to the inside line of the curb at the point most convenient for supplying the applicant. (2003 Code § 9-01-05)