A.   Connection To City System: The owner or occupant of any house, building or property used for residential, commercial, industrial, governmental or recreational use, or any other purpose, situated within the city which is abutting on or having a permanent right of access to any street, alley or right of way in which there is located a city water line is hereby required to use the city water system; provided, that said city water is within three hundred feet (300') of any property line where said building to be served is located.
   B.   Disconnection Of Private System Required: At such time as the owner or tenant connects his property to municipal service, it is mandatory that the private water supply be terminated and that it not be connected or cross connected in any way to the water lines served by the city water system. The disconnection of the private water supply line shall be inspected and approved by the city engineer and/or the waterworks superintendent, or his designated representative. (2003 Code § 9-01-04)