Unless the context specifically indicates otherwise, the meanings of terms used in this chapter shall be as follows:
AUTHORIZED WATER USER: Any person making authorized and proper use of the municipal water system and/or the water delivered thereby, and who has made application for water service and such application has been granted and has paid for such service, water and all fees required. An authorized water user may be an owner, his tenant by lease or rental, a developer, etc.
CITY: Refers to the city of Blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho, or its authorized or designated agent, representative or deputy thereto.
CITY WATER SERVICE LINE: That portion of any individual water service line that runs from its connection with the public water main to, and including, the corporation stop, valve box and meter that is installed in the service line. It will usually be installed within the limits of the public right of way or utility easement and, after installation, it is to be owned and maintained by the city. The service line is considered private and is the responsibility of the property owner beginning at the right of way line or utility easement boundary line.
EQUIVALENT CONNECTION: The connection to a typical residential house on an individual lot that is occupied by an average single-family dwelling is designated as one equivalent connection.
MASTER WATER PLAN: Any document that the city has accepted by official action of the city council that describes or otherwise indicates an overall view of proposed future water system needs, minimum water main sizing and/or minimum water main spacing. This plan is updated periodically as the community grows and demands change.
MONTH: The period between scheduled water meter readings. The city will, as nearly as possible, schedule the water meter readings thirty (30) days apart.
MULTIPLE BUILDING DEVELOPMENT: Includes the various types of developments that would have common or joint ownership areas such as condominiums, townhouses, mobile home parks or courts, shopping centers, professional offices, etc.
MUNICIPAL WATER SYSTEM: Includes all components and facilities of the public water system that are owned, operated or maintained by the city for domestic and other uses.
OVERSIZED MAIN: Any water main that is required to have a larger inside diameter than is necessary based on the estimated flow of the service area for which the main is being installed.
OWNER: Refers to the property owner, lessee, occupant or water user that is served by the municipal water system or desires to be served by the municipal water system.
PERSON: Any individual, firm, company, association, society, corporation or group.
POINT OF CONNECTION: The right of way line or utility easement boundary.
PRIVATE FIRE SERVICE CONNECTION: A separate and independent connection from the municipal water main that connects directly to a sprinkler system or fire control device that has been, or is to be, installed in any building for the purpose of fire control within the specific building and said connection is to be for no other purpose.
PRIVATE WATER SERVICE LINE: The portion of the water service line that runs from the building being served to the point of connection with the city water service line.
PRIVATE WATER SYSTEM: Any water system for domestic use that is not owned, operated and maintained by the city.
PROPERTY: Refers to all property, whether privately or publicly owned, within the service limits of the municipal water system, excluding therefrom lands that have been dedicated for public street or highway rights of way.
PUBLIC WATER SERVICE LINE: See definition of City Water Service Line.
SHALL/MAY: "Shall" is mandatory; "may" is permissive.
SPRINKLER IRRIGATION: Refers to any system for the purpose of watering lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees, etc., as they are normally grown in the out of doors or open spaces.
SUPERINTENDENT: The superintendent of the city waterworks is the individual appointed by the city council to be in charge of, and oversee, the water system. He shall, under the direction of the city engineer, mayor and city council, have charge of the municipal water supply system. The superintendent's duties shall include, but not be limited to, maintenance, operation, supervision and/or inspection of all additions or modifications. The superintendent shall report, on a regular basis, to the city engineer the condition of the municipal water system.
UNAUTHORIZED WATER USER: Any person who makes any use of the municipal water system or the water delivered thereby who is not an authorized water user or who improperly or illegally uses the water system, or who causes damage or injury to the system in any fashion.
WATER MAIN: Any pipeline owned by the city for the purpose of transportation and/or distribution of water to serve more than one water service line or user. (2003 Code § 9-01-02)