9-1-1: PURPOSE:
It is hereby determined and declared to be necessary and conducive to and for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the public and inhabitants of the city, and for the purpose of controlling the use and connection to, and for providing an equitable distribution of the costs and expenses of maintenance, operation, upkeep and repair of the entire municipal water system, which includes the water supply, water storage and water distribution facilities of the city, to charge and collect service charges or fees upon all lots, lands, property and premises served or benefited by the municipal water system, which system and facilities consists generally of all wells, storage reservoirs, transmission mains, structures, buildings, treatment facilities, valves, service connections, service meters, fittings, mechanical equipment and all other facilities as required for the furnishing and distribution of water as a public system to the customers of the city; and to provide for the control, use and administration of the installation of private domestic water systems where a public water system is not available. (2003 Code § 9-01-01)