Fees to be charged for the use of airport facilities shall be in accordance with a schedule of fees to be adopted by the governing body from time to time, a copy of which schedule of fees shall be filed with the city clerk in the city hall and the airport manager at the airport office. Schedules and fee records shall be available for examination by interested persons during regular business hours of the city clerk. Fee records shall be audited by the city treasurer annually. Said schedule of fees may be amended or altered by the governing body from time to time. The following rules and regulations shall pertain to the payment of such fees:
   A.   Any fee charged to the user of the aircraft shall be payable when the charge is incurred, unless otherwise prescribed in this chapter, and such fees shall be paid to the city clerk or airport manager as herein provided. Fees collected by the airport manager shall be accounted for to the city clerk at least once monthly. If a fee payable to the airport manager is incurred when the airport office is not open, the fee shall be paid promptly as soon as the airport office opens.
   B.   Transient fees, daily fees and use fees shall be paid to the airport manager; and all other fees are payable to the city clerk.
   C.   The airport manager shall conduct periodic inspections to determine whether fees are being collected, paid and accounted for as required by the provisions of this chapter. (2003 Code § 8-10-13)