The airport manager shall be appointed by the mayor, with the approval of the city council, and shall:
   A.   Act as airport manager.
   B.   Make recommendations from time to time to the mayor with respect to the establishment and revision of regulations governing the conduct and use of the airport.
   C.   Alert the mayor to rules and directives adopted by the federal aviation agency of the United States Of America and the department of aeronautics of the state as they relate to the airport to the end that the airport may be in compliance with necessary regulations governing its operation and use.
   D.   Serve at a compensation to be decided by the city council.
   E.   See that the operations of the airport are conducted in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the airport or aircraft using such facilities.
   F.   Not allow waste on the airport premises or permit refuse or debris to accumulate in or about the premises.
   G.   See that the yard, lawns, trees and shrubs surrounding and adjacent to the administration building are maintained and kept in good condition.
   H.   In the event the city is operating the airport under a lease, see that the terms of the lease agreement are complied with by the lessee.
   I.   Have the responsibility of supervising the use of the airport by all persons, subject to the overall supervision of the mayor.
   J.   Follow the instructions given him from time to time by the mayor.
   K.   Have the responsibility of assigning flight priorities, and making other determinations with respect to the use of the airport facilities as circumstances may warrant from time to time. (2003 Code § 8-10-04)