A.   Notice Of Intent To Oil Streets: The street department must give notice of its intent to oil streets in the city not less than twelve (12) nor more than thirty (30) hours prior to the time such oiling is to commence. Such notice is to be given by the posting of notice thereof at a conspicuous place at the beginning and at the end points on such street where the oiling will be done. (2003 Code § 3-06-03)
   B.   Operation Of Vehicles On Oiled Streets: No person owning or operating an automobile shall operate such automobile on said street after the commencement of oiling operations, unless with permission of the superintendent of streets, and any and all persons owning or having the control of any automobile shall remove the same from the vicinity of such oiling operations on such street prior to the commencement of such operations, and in the event such oiling operation be commenced, if, in the opinion of the superintendent of streets, any automobile parked on or in the vicinity of such street is in danger of being sprayed by such oil, or if such superintendent believes that such automobile should be removed for any other reason whatsoever, said superintendent may cause said automobile to be towed from such location to a city parking lot. The charge for such towing to be at the expense of the owner or operator of such automobile. The automobile not to be returned to the owner or operator until such charge be paid. (2003 Code § 3-06-04)
   C.   Streets Blockaded: Immediately prior to the commencement of such oiling operations, the superintendent of streets shall cause the street to be oiled to be blockaded to all unauthorized travel. (2003 Code § 3-06-05)