A.   Definitions:
    CAMPING: The use of land to conduct one or more specified activities when, based upon such use, it reasonably appears in light of all the circumstances that the participants, in conducting the specified activities, are using the area as a living accommodation regardless of the intent of the participants or the nature of any other activities in which they may be engaging. Camping shall not include residing in a permanent structure that may be lawfully occupied as a permanent or temporary residence.
   SPECIFIED ACTIVITIES: Shall include one or more of the following:
      1.   Sleeping or making preparations to sleep, such as laying down bedding;
      2.   Storing personal belongings, including, but not limited to, clothing, sleeping bags, bedrolls, blankets, sheets, luggage, backpacks, kitchen utensils, cookware and similar materials;
      3.   Making any fire for the purposes of warmth, or of cooking;
      4.   Erecting a tent, lean to or other similar temporary structure.
   B.   Private Property: It shall be illegal to engage in camping on private property without the consent of the property's owner.
   C.   Public Property: It shall be illegal to engage in camping on any public right of way or public property located within the limits of the city unless such area has been designated specifically as authorized for camping or lodging. (Ord. 2072, 7-17-2007)
   D.   Penalty: Any person violating any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, subject to penalty as provided in title 1, chapter 4 of this code. (Ord. 2072, 7-17-2007; amd. 2012 Code)