6-1-2: FIREARMS:
   A.   Definitions: Wherever the term "firearms" is used in this section, the term "firearms" shall mean any instrument used in the propulsion of shot, shell or bullets by the action of gunpowder exploded within it, or by the action of compressed air within it, or by the power of springs, and including what are commonly known as air rifles or BB guns.
   B.   Discharge Of Firearms Prohibited: Except at a shooting range authorized in accordance with the applicable zoning ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any person to discharge firearms of any kind or description within the limits of the city; provided, however, that this shall not apply to police officers in the discharge of their duties, nor to persons acting in self-defense against unlawful deadly physical force.
   C.   Exception To Prohibition Of Discharge Of Firearms: A person may discharge a firearm if such discharge is for the purpose of slaughtering animals raised on the property for the purpose of human consumption, or the property is zoned to allow the slaughter and packaging of meat for human consumption, and the person discharging the firearm complies with the following conditions:
      1.   The discharge of the firearm is aimed away from persons, vehicles, roadways, buildings constructed for human occupancy and other animals;
      2.   The slaughter of the animal is not visible from a public roadway; and
      3.   The person discharging the firearm provides prior notice to the law enforcement agency for the city at least twenty four (24) hours prior to the anticipated discharge. (Ord. 2097, 12-7-2010, eff. 12-7-2010)