A.   Lights Required: Every building or structure which occupies or travels upon any portion of a public right of way after sundown and before sunrise shall be marked with at least six (6) continuously burning lights. One light shall be placed at each corner of the structure and one light on each side of the structure at the midpoint of its length as determined by the direction of travel. Such lights shall be placed to determine the extremes of the length and width of the structure. The color of the lights shall comply with the laws of the state.
   B.   Escort Required: Each structure requiring a permit to be moved shall be escorted by two (2) motor escorts at all times while traveling on any public street or right of way in the city.
   C.   Time Limitations On Moving Permits:
      1.   The work of preparing a structure for moving and the actual work of structure moving shall be completed within three (3) months after the effective date of the moving permit. A right of way permit shall also be obtained in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
      2.   Should the move not be performed as scheduled on the right of way permit, one new permit, valid for an additional three (3) month period of time, shall be obtained from the city engineer prior to any movement on, over or across any street or highway.
   D.   Route Changes: If, while en route, the approved right of way is blocked or deemed impassable, an on the spot change may be approved by the police chief or his designee. It shall be the duty of the police chief or his designee to identify an authorized alternative route; such route shall be noted of record in the police chief's watch log. The absence of such entry in the chief's log shall constitute prima facie evidence that any departure from the route approved on the right of way permit was unauthorized.
   E.   Delays In Transport; Structure Security:
      1.   When actual movement of a structure does not occur within five (5) calendar days of the completion of movement preparations, all floor and first story openings to the structure shall be sealed. Structures shall be sealed with plywood or the equivalent, sufficient to prevent the entry by children or other unauthorized personnel into the structure. If the structure is halted en route for more than five (5) days, it shall be similarly sealed. As an alternative, a full time guard shall be placed at the site.
      2.   A structure shall not be parked or stored on any portion of a public right of way without the prior approval of the mayor or his authorized representative. A structure shall not be parked or stored on private property without the property owner's prior consent and knowledge and/or without proper zoning clearance.
   F.   Clearance Of Right Of Way Obstructions:
      1.   Poles And Wires: Whenever it is necessary to raise or cut any telephone, TV or electrical wire or cable to facilitate the moving of any structure, it shall be the duty of the house/structure mover to give the person, firm or corporation owning, maintaining or operating such poles, wires or cables at least twelve (12) hours' written notice of when and where the removal of such poles or the raising or cutting of such wires or cables will be necessary. In cases where the wires or cables to be raised or cut contain either police or fire telephone and/or alarm systems, the fire/police chief, as appropriate, shall be notified. After service of the required notice it shall be the duty of the person, firm or corporation owning, operating or maintaining such poles, wires or cables to furnish competent workers to remove such poles or to raise or cut wires or cables.
      2.   Trees And Fixtures: No tree on any street shall be injured or removed nor shall any branches be cut or trimmed without the prior written consent of the affected property owner.
      3.   Obstruction Of Railway Tracks: No house or structure shall interfere with the scheduled or unscheduled operation of railway trains. (Ord. 752, 3-10-1997)